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Assalaamualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera,


Merujuk kepada Lampiran II PKPA 1/2011 "Pelaksanaan Sistem Perakaunan Standard bagi Agensi Kerajaan atau Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies", setiap agensi perlu memenuhi 17 kriteria (12 functional & 5 teknikal) bagi mencapai Sijil Pematuhan SAGA.

2. Kami sebagai pihak pembekal salah satu sistem perakaunan SAGA, ingin mengenalpasti dan membantu pihak agensi untuk memenuhi semua kriteria persijilan tersebut. Kami mohon kerjasama tuan/puan agar meluangkan masa dan mengisi borang Penilaian Sendiri Pematuhan SAGA yang terdapat di capaian link ini seperti dibawah.

Borang Penilaian Sendiri SAGA Compliance - Online

Kami merakamkan ribuan terima kasih atas kerjasama tuan/puan.

Terima Kasih.


New Censof Request for Service (RFS) System

1. In line with providing the best quality service to all CENSOF customers, we have taken the initiative to enhance our existing RFS system. With effect from 30th September 2013, we will be using the new enhanced RFS System.

2. The new RFS System can be accessed through URL: and click on the "Login" using the existing RFS system username and password.

3. To check the status of RFSes submitted before 15th September 2013, it still may be possible to use current system at

Please do not hesitate to contact our Support at 03-79627999 / 1-800-22-7888 or email us at if you have any queries.

Censof is GST READY!! Available now...

Censof is your gateway to Malaysia GST implementation. Our GST accounting software has survived the test of time with the successful implementation of GST in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines (VAT). We have gone through the mill of the GST implementation cycle and policy navigation through our system to fulfill these needs. Amongst our clients in Australia are Commonwealth Bank Health Society, Rockmans, The Nuance Group, Recall, Office of Fair Trading and Teacher's Federation Health. We bring you our comprehensive financial solution and our experience in this subject.

For more information on GST visit :

[Century Financials Payroll] - Laporan Perbezaan PCB

A new payroll report is created and named as Laporan Perbezaan PCB. This report is classified under Laporan Analisis.
The purpose of this report is to show the PCB movement/comparison between current month and previous month. The report selection and output is similar to current Laporan Perbezaan Gaji.
Laporan Perbezaan PCB

[Century Financials Payroll] PCB 2013 - What Payroll Administrator Needs To Do

Century Financials Version 7.4
Century Financials Version 8.0

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