e-PBT is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide suite of applications designed to meet the diverse requirements of Local Government. It is integrated by design to provide a single, complete framework for Council’s diverse business applications that promotes staff empowerment and supports improved financial control, whilst helping you to manage the demand for higher levels of service and equitable use of community assets.

e-PBT solution is designed specifically for Councils and will deliver the following business benefits:

  • A single fully integrated product, delivering known operational costs
  • A single database solution providing real time data and data integrity
  • A consistent, standards based technology platform protecting Council’s investment into the future
  • A single supplier with dedicated, local government knowledge and expertise

e-PBT is built to address the diverse computing requirements of local government and includes some 40 modules of software that provide functionality across the following areas:

  • Financial Systems
  • Payroll & Human Resources
  • Land & Property Service Systems
  • Revenue Systems
  • Asset & Infrastructure Management
  • Customer Request Management
  • Electronic Document and Records Management

reliable & safe


Single Database & Single Entry

e-PBT shares a single relational database design where data is entered and recorded once only. This data is shared across the various functional applications that form the product. The single database environment of e-PBT ensures that no redundant data is recorded and enables real time updating of all functional areas of the application.


Consistent & Standards Based Technology

From inception e-PBT was designed to operate in the centre stream of standards. e-PBT has evolved with these standards and now enables deployment under multiple databases environment operating under the Unix, Windows or Linux operating system with presentation in either a Windows client or browser environment.


Third Party Integration

e-PBT provides integration facilities to a broad range of third party applications. Implementing integration between products involves the suppliers of each product, in conjunction with our customers, scoping the requirement and agreeing on the technologies that will deliver the integration facility. With some third party product integration it is appropriate to enable simple data transfer facilities. Other integrations are more appropriately delivered using defined Application Programming Interfaces that enable each product to communicate directly as part or processing business transactions.


Our Financials Modules Advantages

Our Century Financials modules have a proven track record in the government bodies, federal statutory bodies, local authority and commercial sector.

All of the modules in our Financial Management Solution are designed exclusively to offers functionalities that will cater for all major financial operations and comply to Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies (SAGA) accordingly. We strongly believe it will benefit clients’ organization through better financial management in general.

One of the benefits is clients will be able to monitor their Financial Performance effectively. Through standard reports and management reporting tool proposed, client can quickly identify the status of their financial performance.

Web Enabled Service - ePBT

Web-enabled Services

e-PBT e-Services is available and proven today and facilitates full end-to-end electronic service delivery for both Business to Business and Business to Consumer communication.

e-PBT e-Services provides a framework for Council to be able to apply their own graphic web design and operational preferences. This enables easy and effective interaction for Council’s customers and other users of Council services delivering rapid take-up of online services. The framework is open and is able to manage any document or active server page.

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