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Censof coreplex - Customizable Solutions

Century Financials is endorsed by the Malaysian Government under Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies (SAGA) initiative. Leveraging on coreplex, our robust application development framework, we customize solutions suited to your unique needs.

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Performance Based Management

Agencies can now spend less time reconciling data, and more time analyzing and planning to ensure that the objectives are met on time with the available resources, utilizing MyResults: justifies the output and measures the effectiveness of each programs. Watch our presentation on MyResults. 

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Manage Your Taxes More Effectively.

With our improved revenue management system, agencies will be able to lower the consequences of reduced budget allocations and ensure a steady stream of funds to ensure smooth operations. See how we have helped SWCorp from manual to automation.

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Century Financils for Corporate

Century Financials for Corporate is our hassle free, web-based solution that enables you to integrate your business operations to bring heightened efficiency and productivity into your day-to-day activities. We also specialize in accounting solutions for small and medium sized enterprises.

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Century Financials for Government

Century Financials for Government redefines accounting software solution for the government sector with a holistic approach.

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