With our vast network of over 12 state offices in Malaysia and 24 overseas offices worldwide, MIDA is Malaysia's principal investment development agency.


  • To create a strong presence for Malaysia in the international market and position Malaysia as an attractive investment destination.
  • To improve the quality of agricultural produce, by employing new technologies in the management and using bio technology and precision farming.

"As Chief Accountant of MIDA, I am able to view the overall performance of the state offices and overseas offices which allows me to monitor MIDA’s financial position at a glance.  CENSOF has facilitated our financial management needs and ensured transparency in our day to day operations."
- Ms. Shanta Devi, Chief Accountant, MIDA -


With a multitude of activities, serving across the globe, from L.A to Sydney, Shanghai to London and Mumbai to Dubai; MIDA required an integrated system with end to end financial management solutions of an international organization and at the same time adhering to local detailed reporting and compliance of a government agency.  

This includes daily financial operations with multi-currency, project and activity - planning, budgeting and monitoring and allowing for consolidation of all the foreign and local operations at a keystroke.